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What an improvement!

Posted Sunday, April 26, 2009 by Sean Spiller
We knew you kids had it in you to play hard!  Todays game vs South Country was a vast improvement since we last played them.  The amount of shots taken on our goalies today (Derrick and Dylan...GREAT JOB!) 13, 13 shots they took and only scored 7.  The other 6 shots were slowed down and poorly shot because our team applied pressure.  I saw bodies pushing against bodies, sticks crashing into their sticks and some fancy footwork on the field! If you did not know we scored 2 goals.  Who was that blur with the red socks?  Great job Guillio.  Guillio's goals never would have happened had it not been for the teamwork of Ryan,  Matt, Josh, Tyler and Jeff.  Way to scoop guys.   Aidan proved that he could run today, boxing out the opposing center several times and moving the ball up field.  Even with the heat today, Robert and Cole never slowed down adding pressure to the opposing team and getting the ball back up field!  Way to go TEAM!!!

         Coach Sean Spiller

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